A new dawn of cost-based medicine.

The Current Healthcare Industry is Broken

Drug prices are skyrocketing. Government is under increasing pressure to act. Lawsuits abound.

  • An analysis by Patients For Affordable Drugs uncovered 524 drug price spikes in the first week of 2020
    • Drugmakers continued historical patterns of price hikes. Gilead raised the price of the HIV drug Truvada for the 16th time since 2005 and Pfizer raised the price of Lyrica for the 14th consecutive year
  • In 2016, 20 states sue Mylan and other drug companies for price fixing
    • Causes Mayne Pharma shares to slide 24% to a 10-month low
  • Sanofi, Novo and Lilly face class action suit over insulin price hikes
    • Uninsured patients out-of-pocket expenses raised from $25 to $450, leaving costs for pharmacies unchanged.

Even Generics Aren’t Safe

In a recent government report, out of 1,441 drugs analyzed, over 300 had an extraordinary price hike between 2010-2015.

Number of drugs:


Price Increase: 100-200%







Tzvi Urszuy


M.S. Applied Molecular Biology

I first started in the translational research field thinking I was going to help develop abstract ideas into lifesaving therapies. Years later I found myself mildly accepting as common practice that research into curative therapies gets blackballed by competing big pharma so they can continue treating the chronic (but ultimately deadly) disease. At what point did money become more valuable than lives?! I founded Birya Biotech to reestablish the focus on innovation and improving quality of life in a field that seems to have forgotten what matters most.

Avisha NessAiver


M.S. Electrical Engineering

I’ve worked with MRI scanners for 5+ years and seen prices range from $400 to an absurd $13,000. Facilities charge what they want, and blame disappears without notice as the system swallows the costs. When I started to see a similar pattern emerge across most drugs, devices, and medical services—rarely did what a patient pay correlate with actual cost—I decided to devote myself to creating alternatives.

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